Among the snow-capped peaks of the Aosta Valley is nestled Gou,  the savory soul of the Valtur Cervinia Cristallo Ski Resort. From the endless windows, majestic nature marvels at the table and dances a waltz with the mastery of the kitchen. Every ingredient is carefully chosen, respecting the succession of the seasons and the ancient recipes of our Belpaese. A place dedicated exclusively to the pleasure of the table, fulfilled with all five senses from morning to evening.

A journey through the excellence of
An experience of tasty
UA culinary art of
authentic GOODNESS.


Gou’s cuisine is a gastronomic tour in which the stages are iconic Italian tastes.
From Apulian turnip tops, to crispy Roman guanciale, to Milanese ossobuco. Unmistakable flavors that the whole world loves and that Gou presents while adding the sincere accent of Aosta Valley goodness.
Each dish offered respects the territoriality and freshness of the ingredients, which is why our Chef creates, in addition to Gou’s identity proposals, a menu of the day composed mainly of the recipes of tradition.


A passion for cooking that draws inspiration from the scent of the Adriatic Sea. Chef Cristian Iommetti, a native of Taranto, brings in his dishes all the experience gained in starred and referenced kitchens, mixing it with a perfect dose of creativity.
He is the guide of our enogastronomic journey to discover the most iconic Italian flavors; he is the accent of taste in every course.

A DIALOGUE with the territory
of Valle d'Aosta and Italy.
A CELEBRATION of the cuisine
and the richness of biodiversity.


Mirrored tables reflect the snowy peaks of Cervino Mountain and the contented smiles of happy diners.
The atmosphere is as enveloping as the comfortable seating and as elegant as the essential mise en place.
The open kitchen makes everyone a participant in the ritual of preparing the dishes-a spectacle that passes first from the eyes and then from the palate.

Gou has all the best of the Italian lifestyle: love for hospitality, good food and attention to detail.

how to reach us

Via Piolet, 6

11021 – Breuil / Cervinia (AO)
Valtur Cervinia Cristallo Ski Resort

Distance from airports and railway station
Chatillon / Saint Vincent railway station 28 km
Turin Porta Nuova railway station 126 km
Turin Caselle Airport 110 Km
Milan Malpensa Airport 180 Km
Milan Linate Airport 205 Km
Bergamo Airport 230 Km

Monday – Sunday
18:45 – 22:45

Phone number and WhatsApp:
+39 0166 944 602

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